An independent recording artist, producer, manager, and any type of craziness you could imagine.

As well as having multiple hit records, he is considered the illest, most decorated rapper in his region.

Though he has varying styles and genres in his repertoire, his forte is in Hip Hop and R&B.

Through five different projects, KALIEDASCARE has challenged himself with new genres in hopes to better his craft, and stand out amongst his competition.


  • Introduction

  • Busking For Change

  • Sixty Five Percent

  • Trials and Tribulations

  • A Tale Called Kaliedascare (2022)

A majority of the tracks made before 2022, were not planned as albums, playlists, or the like. With the exception of Memoirs and (ATCKS), the rest are singles, with little to no references with each other. This brings a wide variety of emotions, rhythms, and stories to the audience while keeping an ear to evolving culture.


{KALIEDASCARE returns to the spotlight with his talent intact, quickly releasing over 20 songs in a matter of months. With his new playlist available; "A Tale Called Kaliedascare", he has put himself in different categories, expanding his inspiration for music.

He continues to work on music to date, and he's expecting numerous collaborations with local artists. His two goals this year are:

  1. Networking and coordinating a platform for artists in Minnesota to collaborate and develop relationships.

  2. Give access to upcoming artists to share their content and amass followers

These two things aren't impossible with the help of the artists themselves, and direct access to how their content is managed. With some time he believes that he will have amassed a respectable, organic community, and have direct connection to Minnesota music, and the potential it may have in the world.}



It’s nearing the end of the year, and the trees are starting to turn. With every passing hour Kaliedascare works tirelessly against all odds, to post new music, and promote hisself across his platforms. “A Tale Called Kaliedascare”, was an endearing success to the him by early summer, but continued to inspire him through the end of it as well, leading him to release 17 more songs so far, this year.

SPOOKY SEASON was an idea created by ColdTreesProd, a seasonal project including multiple artists, with different takes on common Halloween tropes and pop culture references. In this project the listener is transported to a world where demons and goblins truly exist. They find that these creatures have some ways of going about things, that others may not be comfortable doing. It turned out wonderfully.