A Time Before Kaliedascare...

Before there was Kaliedascare, there was just a boy. A good-mannered extrovert, a student, a tourist, a nerd. With all his personality, he explored the world, the towns, and the cities he was in. Taking in every semblance of reality, every detail hidden amongst the bright and most recent trend, and many different cultural differences between; classes, families, and businesses. 

There were only a couple places he'd be, wherever he lived and there were only so many buildings, he got to visit, and that interested him. This starts his first spark for composing a drawing. Architecture was his first choice, nothing serious, just how big buildings were. Not a good choice some would say. He was mainly fascinated with how many people they could hold, and why it was necessary to have such big towers. This was in 4th grade though, he wasn't the greatest art student, so in class he just did what everyone else did, and while he was by himself, he drew buildings. Not too long after that he was convinced that buildings were just too hard, and he couldn't apply himself fully to drawing. He was conflicted with different hobbies, between sports and the local spelling bee, he still didn't fully connect with anything.

Though he loved to sing. This might be a tad funny, but before there was Kaliedascare there was a boy, who was in love with Hannah Montana. It wasn't a terrible thing to be obsessed with, as a pre-pubescent adolescent, but his world-view increased every episode.