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JULY 2023:

In the last few months Ive been catalouging all of my recent releases and organizing them into sections, my most current being The Upcoming. It features the songs released in 2023, the next part in the Tale of Kaliedascare. It's been primarily working on songs between work and time with my daughter. Having her has given me persective on the importance of time management, but it hasn't been totally mastered. I found myself creating less music and focusing on business oppurtunities where I could promote artists, and content creation. My idea being to create that safe space I had originally planned. After extensive research it came to be financially impossible to complete alone.

Which refocused my attention back to marketing better. I knew that my efforts just weren't attentive enough, or even up to date enough. What use is a website with no entertainment? Just a resume at best I guess. So how can I be different...branchin out making waves amongst the artists I'm aware of, and finding interest in the ones I dont know. Networking my ass off in not only Minnesota but everywhere I may have fans.

I'm currently interested in creating collectibles for my supporters and releasing them before my next show, but it might be a challenge to get one. They will be in limited numbers and only available for a short time. I think that will make them mean a lot more to the recipients. Currently I have collection of paintings, posters, and signed lyrics for interested supporters to purchase for a pretty low cost! That'll also make them difficult to get. Hopefully everyone is happy.

Now to get to work refurbishing the website! I hope y'all like it!

My main problem right now is faith. Faith in myself to overcome these difficulties without shame.

To keep my head held high is my wish. I want to deliver my best when I can, wherever I can.

May 2023:

May 12 23
whats up yall.

 honestly a lot has happened and i am ashamed i have nothing but words to show for it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, it will be one of the longer entries, I just wanna catch you guys up to speed. It has been a year,(as you can see) and things on the website haven’t changed much! soon there will be a full update rolling out that i hope y’all are excited for, but for now, lets start from June last year.

  I knew that this was coming, I had just released what I considered at the time, my last song. Bruce Wayne was the only one off of an 11 song list I had ready to record, that got finished. I was sure it was the last one I’d make for a while because of what was happening in my personal life, I was having a kid! I mean we were already waiting for months, but the due date was approaching quickly. For me, that meant putting my work on hold. Sure there were opportunities where I could’ve wrote something here or there or even dedicated some poetry type deal, but I was just stricken with concern.

  I didn’t realize beforehand how anxiety-inducing hospitals are, probably because of my excitement, but after hours that felt like a nightmare they were finally here. I didn’t think too much of my music as the weeks flew by, honing my daily daddy duties and delivering dirty diapers. But then I found this beat! I was like yeah I’ll save this one I kind like it, buut then I started writing to it at work…plus it was only two minutes so I knew it didn’t have to be a crazy lyrical collab or anything fancy. Short answer it didn’t take me long to finish this one, so I posted it right away.

(just picked this back up its July 4th yall!)

JUNE 2022:

June 8th: Alright yall welcome back sorry ive been away so long a whole month! how could i .. i know im sorry but i have news ! ive been busy as fuck doing all types of networking to get my name out there, meeting people asking for follows and listens and interviews reviews a lot! but i do feel bad i havent been on the website as much. I did drop 8 new songs after Arlo!! Some are in there own May playlist now shining out against their friends from April. I did end up making a ton of lyric videos for some old and some new which seem to be doong well!

I think my last post has come to fruition little by little and I’ve found a path where my work can someday become my job. I had a lot of fun this month organizing meetups and performing. Something is definitely  stirring in the shadows.

May 2022:

Sometime in May: 

"DAaaamn yall i really wasnt expecting to do so much in so little time, its like a month went by, and I forgot to notice.::...

April MF 2022:

April 13-14: I MADE A WEBSITE TODAY YALLLLL, lowkey kinda wild that im able to do this. Also incredible that it didn't take too long, I honestly considered making a website from scratch but the ask around is kinda anxiety inducing. Soon, I will find people and ask them confidently for their content, creating a small network, and connecting similar styles, similar interests, and similar realities.

Definitely big picture type stuff, but like it does interest me to know, why and how states in the Midwest, haven't taken any large steps for Hip Hop; or rather that there aren't many outlets, or outreach for that. Somewhere in the near future there will be an eruption of catering for artists lost to states without industry standards, and we will be there. —KS.

April 14-15: Did some more editing on the website, added:

Basically a lot of stuff, a lot of writing for the homies, still trying to polish up the pages a little bit, I added their links and stuff too, so that should be a little helpful for tickets and what-not. 

But alright, what was I gonna say

OH..yes so I am still trying to release music as I make this website it's best, I should have a couple more out before my birthday probably a new playlist for yall! 

BUt thats all Thanks Guys! —KS.

April 18th: Frickin Gas guys, I've been thinking philosophically about my website and the power I wield now. Kind of awesome to think about where this will take me a couple years from now, and how serious I should make it. I've figured I should maybe document a little more about myself than I had hoped. To personalize and accessorize my page as much as I want without fear of how it is displayed(in some cases).  I think It is better for me to pursue the website, and what I can bring to it, rather than what the website can bring to me.

Sooo I'm probably gonna add more pages and fill them up with stuff I sort of like. Im not gonna think too hard about it though, just focus on making them beautiful melodies. hopefully finish more today! thats it yo —KS. PS: its still the 18th and I finished MOMENT and ARLO! SHITS HEAT!

April 21st: Damn so, its been a couple days and I've just been working on new songs, frickin 420 happened so I was super busy helping all the friendly stoners, get their items. I was planning on working with people on music, might just have to write am all out and see if they want to still collab. Realistically, I would like to have some sort of schedule to do blogging stuff or recording stuff, but thats just not how my brain operates. I kinda wish I was more proactive with scheduling my work, but then it becomes a chore, or a repetitive schedule that could put me off creatively. I think by the end of April I should have at least 5 more so that would be good! But I should also stay focused on how I can get my name out there more, and get premium feedback from friends and fans. I do have a bit of time this weekend to really mess with the website, and add anything about my past or how I came up, but for me its a really corny, boring story. But I can definitely see how it could be inspiring one day. I guess it is if I'm still doing it. What ever I chose to add, I know it'll be tight, hopefully you guys think so too!