COLDTREESPRODUCTIONS, coldtreesprod an individual entity, run by Cold Tree himself. Growing up, Cold Tree primarily listened to R&B, Rap, and Hip-Hop, influencing his attention to music. 

After writing and producing his first song at 13 years old, music quickly became an avenue for his creativity, eventually leading him to posting his songs on SoundCloud. 

Cold Tree now has his own plethora of songs and instrumentals including, Strange Things, Bliss, Saga, and more. Ultimately organizing a display of his beginning, AN OLD ERA (2018). 

Now in 2022, Cold Tree has organized, THE WINTER, a meticulous and chaotic display where listeners are given duality, a harmonizing confliction of sound, all while adjusting to a new DAWs system, Ableton. 


In Texas, ColdTrees, XOJEDI, AON Rocc and XO BEAR, collaborate and release the "SPOOKY SEASON CYPHER INTRO"! The clash of all these artists sent shockwaves throughout the local counties.

SPOOKY SEASON was an idea created by ColdTrees. A seasonal project including multiple artists, with different takes on common Halloween tropes and pop culture references. In this project the listener is transported to a world where demons and goblins truly exist. They find that these creatures have some ways of going about things, that others may not be comfortable doing. It turned out wonderfully.

ZIKAI is a New-Age, R&B, Rap artist, influenced from a young age to pursue his music, and the lifestyle he hopes for. Through school he managed to strengthen his literary abilities, and combine them to create his first full song. Through pain and hard work, he came to the realization that he wanted to pursue music, no matter the cost. 

He bought equipment for his own studio and committed to it, dropping weekly bangers for his audience. Finding his voice and receiving feedback, he kept working. And constant worked paid off. He was able to perform! 

After having a son and playing his first show, he knew there was more to be done, now he progresses in uncovering his sound, and what it may bring him.

New singles coming soon though guys so STAY UP!

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Bailey Daniel grew up in various places in Minnesota. His parents both giving him inspiration and solid role models for him to pursue in music. Surrounded by music, it became his first love, and the experiences he had led him to realizations, of a career as a musician as well.

After making his first song, he was smitten with his found love in music.

"My inspiration is life itself, there are certain things I want to express that we really can’t with words. With music, instead of telling you how I may feel, I can make you feel how I feel. That’s what keeps me going really."

His goal is to make music with his favorite artists, and do his part in bringing creativity back to an industry that used to be about art. 

Originating from Willimantic, Connecticut, Raden Mane is an aspiring artist who creates Hip Hop/Rap in many sorts of categories. Ranging from Rap, RnB, Dark Trap and many more. 

He is one of 2 people who created and run a record label named Deep 3nd Records and manages 3 artists on the side of his own career.

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"Becoming a successful musician is like being in a toxic relationship. You place all your hopes and dreams in the hands of other people, and somehow this is the life I still chose. "